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New York Times Article Explores the Relationships Between Players and Coaches

The following article was published in The New York Times on November 19th in the print edition and November 18th online.  As the media covered the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Transitions received calls seeking services because they  could not block the abuse they suffered out of their minds.  The coverage was too pervasive.  We condemn the actions of all those involved, however are thankful that victims are seeking services and male victims are feeling less stigmatized.  This article continues exploring the relationships between players and coaches and the opportunities for sexual abuse to occur.  May each of us remain vigilant in protecting children of all genders.MaleSurvivor Conference Examines Sexual Abuse in SportsByERIC V. COPAGE
Published: November 18, 2012It was the summer before high school, and Christopher Gavagan, then 13, was preparing to leave the safe familiarity of the friends he had known during his boyhood. With a plan to excel at ice hockey, he began training on inline s…

International Forensic Nurses Week

November 12th through the 16th is International Forensic Nurses Week
We would like to take this opportunity to both express our gratitude and highlight the wonderful SANE nurses we have at Evangelical Hospital.
Lindsay, Rachel, and Hannah are the trained SANE nurses at Evangelical Hospital.  They are on call in a rotation and must still work their regular shifts.  Their patience and skill are an example to all nurses and we are very grateful that they have chosen this work. 
Evangelical Hospital continues to be the only hospital in Northumberland, Snyder, and Union Counties to employ SANE nurses.  Although there are other hospitals, their nurses and physicians may not be trained in evidence collection.  The chain of custody of said evidence may be broken in another medical facility.  Evangelical Hospital maintains an exam room, office, and bathroom in a suite to the rear of the Emergency Area specifically for SANE patients.  Their continued dedication to the comfort and treatment of sex…