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The Violence Against Women Act Is Finally Reauthorized

On March 7, 2013, President Barack Obama signed the reauthorized Violence Against Women Act into law .  The act was up for renewal in 2012, but the House and Senate faced off about new provisions protecting LGBTQ individuals, changing the way tribal woman are protected, and providing temporary visas for abused individuals.  Obviously, Transitins would have liked the Act to include the more comprehensive protection language, but we are happy that at least a version of the Violence Against Women Act was passed.

Voyeurism...Is it Helpful?

Voyeurism can be a dirty word, especially in light of the stalking victims that we at Transitions see.  However, I am referring to the voyeurism that happens when people allow themselves to be photographed, or when we see something in public that seems like it should occur in private--a fight, a spanking, a scolding, an insult. Time Magazine recently published a photo essay "Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence."   I would strongly urge you to view this essay.  Its images are powerful, and it has raised some important questions.  Many people making comments have expressed disgust at the photographer for idly standing by while Maggie, the subject, is abused physically, verbally, and emotionally.  How would you respond?  How have you responded?  Have you ever seen something that maybe just didn't "sit right" with you?  Have you ever intervened?  Sometimes, when staff are in the community, we are asked what people should do when they see/