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Flashback Feminist Friday--Battling Gender Roles

Here we are in the 21st Century and we are still battling strict gender roles.The “boys should be playing with trucks not dolls” mentality still exists. I’m raising two sons ages 4 and 7 and I can verify that for a fact.Here is a picture of a recent test my 1st grader took at school.

Over the past several years, my children and I have been subjected to many cruel comments and debates over the way I choose to let my sons play. I believe in “free play” letting children play and use their imagination. In our playroom you will find a variety of toys ranging from dolls to blocks and everything in between. We have a play kitchen, an art easel and a large wooden train table.I can recall when I actually bought the play kitchen for my oldest son as a Christmas present several years ago.My father picked it up for me on Black Friday and asked me, “Are you trying to make the boy a sissy?”

Rusty playing hair with a little friend last summer.He was asking her, “Which one do you want? The bow or the …

The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Despair

Domestic violence can be lethal.  I say this because we often forget.  Death is a part of the work that we do.   Organizations across the country are implementing Lethality Assessments to help victims plan for their safety based upon indicators of the potential for lethal behavior.  Unfortunately, death can be looming for victims in a variety of ways.  Victims may have suicidal thoughts, and abusers may threaten suicide or death of the victim and/or children.  There may also be drug and alcohol issues for either or both abusers and victims, which can result in death.  No one should have to die, in any manner, because of domestic violence.

Statistics vary on how many victims of domestic violence have suicidal ideations, thoughts, or attempts.  One website states that one in four female victims of domestic violence attempt suicide, another study indicates that women who suffer intimate partner violence are 12 times more likely to end their lives via suicide than those who have not suffer…

Transitions Receives $20,000 Grant from Mary Kay Foundation (sm)

Lewisburg, PA (September 19, 2013) – In advance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, The Mary Kay FoundationSM has awarded $3 million in grants to 150 domestic violence shelters in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Transitions in Lewisburg, PA received one of the $20,000 unrestricted grants to maintain critical services and programs for individuals who are survivors of domestic abuse.
Transitions is a comprehensive crime victims services center that provides education programs and direct services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other serious crimes in Union, Snyder, and Northumberland counties.  Transitions operates two domestic violence shelters and houses 110 adult and child victims annually.  Funds received from The Mary Kay Foundation will allow the staff and volunteers of Transitions to provide financial empowerment and education programs to guests.
“We are so thankful for this grant from the Mary Kay Foundation,” said Susan K.…

Flashback Feminist Friday...Not Just Semantics.

This article is primarily about a documentary focused on teenagers and the internet, however, it includes the following line:
"In one, a girl who does not reveal her identity, talks with heartbreaking candour about how she would do anything for her BlackBerry; when a gang of boys takes it from her she recounts how she endured sexual assault in order to have it back."
The phrase "endured sexual assault" was edited from "allowed herself to be sexually assaulted" and before that, "let herself be gang-raped."  So, here we have another example of victim-blaming, and insinuating that victims have a choice in what happens/happened to them.
We have to always be mindful of what words we are using, because WORDS have power. 

Flashback Feminist Friday

Flashback Feminist Friday--Humor, Horticulture, and Domestic Violence

On Flashback Feminist Friday, here's a prime example. "Humorously" naming a strain of flowers "domestic violence" beccause they are black and blue. Do people really think we have come far enough that it is ok to joke about violence against women? Well, we haven't.