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U.S. Military To Revamp Response To Sexual Assault

Yesterday, December 26th, President Obama signeda defense bill that puts greater restrictions on the power commanders have to determine responses to sexual assault.  
According to the Washington Post:

Commanders will no longer be permitted to overturn jury convictions for sexual assault. The law also requires a civilian review when commanders decline to prosecute, requires dishonorable discharge or dismissal for those convicted, eliminate the statute of limitations for court[sic]-martial in rape and sexual assault cases and criminalizes retaliation against victims who report an assault.

In another effort to combat sexual violence, President Obama ordered military leaders to look at their efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault in a year-long review.  

We are pleased to hear this news, but cautious about the process for civilian reviews and the burden of proof required to convict.  Another proposal that victims of sexual assault would be entitled to their own attorney does not see…

How To Help Someone You Suspect Is Being Abused--Domestic Violence

Throughout the holiday season, family and friends gather at each other's homes, and you may have suspicions that someone you know may be the victim of domestic violence.  We would like to take this opportunity to share some information to help you.

An abusive person may exhibit the following attitudes and behaviors: ·Extreme jealousy;
·Maintaining strict control over finances or appearance;
·Setting limitations on partner’s ability to work, go to school, or have contact with friends and family;
·Restricting the use of car or phone;
·Putting partner down with insults and criticisms.
Victims of abuse may: ·Have unexplained injuries;
·Have fear or anxiety about pleasing their partner;
·Check in often with their partner to report where they are and what they are doing;
·Receive frequent, harassing phones calls or text messages from their partner;
·Talk about their partner’s temper, jealousy, or possessiveness;
·Have very low self-esteem, even if they used to be confident.

Origins Of an Advocate

A photo of me in college
When I was in college, majoring in Urban Studies and Sociology, one of my friends asked me what I wanted to do.  I replied with “help people.”  She asked again, but more specifically, what do you want to do.  And I remember saying that I wanted to work at a place like Women in Transition, apparently sealing my own fate!
When I was about 13-14, my parents received a call requesting their presence at my grandparents’ house.  Being the curious and helpful person I am, I, of course, went along.  At my grandparents’ house were my aunt and her two small children.  Her husband had kicked and pushed her, and this wasn’t the first time.  Being as young as I was, I don’t remember a lot of the details, but I do know that he did some time in jail and she got a PFA.
While in college, I was interested in HIV/AIDS activism and got in contact with a local needle exchange, Prevention Point Pittsburgh.  They provided services to active intravenous drug users, including clean syrin…

Revenge Porn Covered in Local New Outlet

Local news outlet, Newswatch 16, covered the phenomenon of revenge porn, that we recently posted about.
We appreciate their coverage of an important topic, and their respect for victims' privacy by not sharing the names of any websites.  PCADV's Ellen Kramer put it best when she said the practice is used solely to smear and intimidate women. 
We hope that increased coverage and awareness of this type of behavior, specifically revenge porn and forwarding sexts to bully others, makes people more cautious of both taking and sharing these types of pictures. 

The Impact of Domestic Violence on EMS providers

How does domestic violence impact our communities?Often people put a financial meaning behind this such as: court costs, housing inmates, taxes and property destruction.
I’ve been a paid and volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for 12 years.I will tell you how domestic violence impacted me as a pre-hospital care provider in the community. This is a true story that took place in Pennsylvania.
About 10 years ago, I was dispatched to assist the state police at a crime scene. The company I worked for at the time also did coroner transports.We were given no additional information except for the name of the road.I knew the exact road due to living by the southern piece of the county; and I knew very well that there were no homes located on it.I assumed it was a car accident.
Arriving at the scene there were numerous state police cars and vans. I got out of the ambulance and walked towards the troopers.The sun had set and it was dark except for the police car lights. The rain was pouring do…

Transitions Will Provide Free Shoes to Kids in Need through the Payless Gives Shoes for Kids Program

Transitions is pleased to announce that we have been selected as an official partner of Payless GivesTM Shoes 4 Kids, an annual giving program from Payless ShoeSource. Transitions is one of 750 charitable agencies representing all 50 states in the United States and will be distributing merchandise certificates for children’s shoes to the families that they serve.
Transitions is a comprehensive victim services center that provides advocacy, empowerment and education to victims, survivors, families and communities to end domestic violence, sexual assault and other serious crimes in Union, Snyder and Northumberland Counties.  “We are pleased to partner with Payless GivesTM Shoes 4 Kids again this year to ensure that the children who we help receive a new, properly fitting pair of shoes this holiday season,” Chief Executive Officer, Susan Mathias said.
This is the sixth year of the Payless GivesTM Shoes 4 Kids program. Although studies show that properly fitting shoes are important for ch…