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Rape. Is. Not. Sex.

Last week, there was a news report from Aljazeera on America Tonight about renaming sexual assault and rape as "non-consensual sexual contact" or "non-consensual sex" in policies regulating college campuses and in many people's vernacular. This is not right.  Words have power, and using a euphemism discounts the severity of what happened.  A crime occurred.  Someone's life was potentially turned into two periods: before and after.  

Renaming sexual assault just reaffirms what many advocates know, that people are uncomfortable with the idea of sex and don't even want to think about rape.  It is much easier to think, especially on college campuses, that it is merely a miscommunication, instead of a premeditated attack on a vulnerable person.  If you aren't familiar with The Undetected Rapist, or David Lisak's research, please watch below.

From a description of the video:  "What is also clear from this research is that so-called “date rape” is n…