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The Importance of a Solid Support System

I think I can speak for many of us when I say we take advantage of how good we have it in life.  We tend to overlook aspects of our daily lives, and you don’t realize the importance of these facts until you’re in a time of crisis.  Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault need a strong support system to get through the trauma they’ve endured, whether they realize it or not.   In the past couple months, I have come to notice that having a strong support system is a common characteristic needed to get through the overwhelming, hard times for these women.  I have seen a mother of two young children struggle to make it on her own and create a life for her and her children away from their domestic abuse situation because she had absolutely no support from any loved ones.  I have also seen a woman make the decision to finally leave her abusive husband; although she did not have much money or self-esteem, she was lucky enough to have so many caring individuals in her life that helped…