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As a parent, grandparent, and educator, I am keenly aware that our kids, with or without our help, are going to get information about sex!   The only thing we have on our side as adults is that we get to choose if our kids are getting their information from television, the internet, pornography, the teens next door, or if they are going to get it from us, their responsible, caring adults.  It struck me a few years ago that as one of those responsible, caring adults, it was important that my own approach to sexuality was healthy.  How could I guide the children in my care to a healthy, wholesome attitude toward their sexuality, otherwise?
            It was not until I started working as a prevention education specialist that I realized that I did not have a healthy attitude toward sexuality.  My childhood questions about my body parts were treated largely with dire warnings about what could happen to little girls who were curious about down there.  I was instructed not to touch myself …

The Work of an Advocate

"I’m tired."
I heard it again this morning. From time to time I hear advocates or even practically the entire staff talking about feeling tired. Especially on a Friday! I feel this way sometimes too as I’m sure everyone does. But the kind of tired we occasionally feel as an advocate can be a bit different than the fatigue from not sleeping well or having been sick or having experienced physical exertion. As an advocate, we often experience the kind of fatigue that goes hand-in-hand with the emotional and mental toll our work can have on us.
Regardless of our role at Transitions, we are all affected by the work we do. In each position, we are constantly thinking about the wide variety of abuse experienced by individuals, the well-being of survivors, available resources, how we as Transitions can better serve clients and the community. We are working directly with adults and children at our safe-houses, through the legal system, in conjunction with other human service agencie…