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When #MeToo Isn’t Enough: Why Domestic Violence Needs Its Own Hashtag

In late 2017, the #MeToo movement catalyzed a change in our national conversation about sexual assault and harassment. The movement began when actress Alyssa Milano shared accusations of sexual assault and harassment against producer Harvey Weinstein. As other Hollywood mega-stars began to come forward with similar stories, #MeToo went viral. Twitter confirmed to CBS News that over 1.7 million tweets included the hashtag "#MeToo," with 85 countries that had at least 1,000 #MeToo tweets. Long before it became a hashtag, we are also aware that Tarana Burke began the #MeToo campaign in 1997, and we applaud her for her activism, her voice, encouraging others, especially women of color, to use their voices. This movement is shining a necessary light on an issue that has always been present for centuries.

Historically, some people who have come forward regarding the violence perpetrated against them have had their voices elevated higher than others, particularly wealthy white celeb…

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault on College Campuses

In light of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we wanted to focus on domestic violence and sexual assault on campuses. While sexual assault is a major issue on campus, many don’t realize that intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant issue among college students. Women aged 16-24 experience the highest per capita rate of intimate partner violence in the United States. This is just one of the many eye-opening facts that demonstrate the severity of domestic violence among young people in this country. The following are more statistics showing the frequency of domestic violence and sexual assault, specifically on college campuses.

•21% of college students report having experienced dating violence by a current partner. 33% experience dating violence by a previous partner.
•13% of college women report they were forced to have sex by a dating partner.
•Over 13% of college women report they have been stalked. Of these, 42% were stalked by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.
•Nearly …

The Mary Kay Foundation℠ Awards Transitions of PA $20,000 Grant

In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Mary Kay FoundationSM announced it is awarding $3 million in grants to 150 domestic violence shelters across the country. Transitions of PA has received a $20,000 unrestricted grant to support local survivors of domestic violence in Union, Snyder, and Northumberland Counties.This year’s grant contribution brings the Foundation’s total investment in its shelter grant program to $50 million.
The Mary Kay Foundation was established in 1996 with the overarching purpose of supporting issues impacting women. In 2000, The Foundation expanded to include ending domestic violence as part of its mission. The Foundation is committed to funding the life-saving work of women’s shelters and the annual shelter grant program has helped finance critical needs including emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling and legal aid. All of these resources support women and children as they seek refuge and relief on their journey to an abuse-free lif…