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Survivorship in Advocacy: Transitioning from Victim to Advocate

I wish there was a light switch that made it clear when you were "done" being a victim and begin your work as an advocate. Alas, for many individuals who have "been there, done that," part of our journey involves joining the helpers: Becoming advocates ourselves.

If you look around the state -- even the nation -- at the local domestic violence, sexual assault and comprehensive crime centers -- a large chunk of staff will tell you that once upon a time, they may have been the ones that filled our shelter beds or counseling office chairs.

It's true. For many survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes, one of the biggest steps in healing is the act of paying it forward: giving back to the organization(s) that helped them heal, and using their experience (and expertise!) to ensure that they can help others escape.

At Transitions, when you ask around, almost every staff member -- even if they aren't personally former victims -- have a pull …