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Looking at the Bright Side

Looking at the Bright SideBy: Susan Mathias, CEOFor many years, victims have been stepping up and speaking about the abuse that they experienced as children. In 2011, we read the gut-wrenching details of how Jerry Sandusky sexually abused his child victims.
The recent Grand Jury Report on sexual assault in the Catholic Church told us about the 300 priests who served in Pennsylvania’s dioceses.100 priests served in our valley and there is no question about the lifelong harm that they caused their victims.The victims named could not take action because the statute of limitations had expired.The PA’s statute of limitations on sexual assault kept them from taking legal action because they did not come forward early enough.
On October 3, the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings in which victims spoke to their Senators and described their experiences as children and the harm that abuse continues to cause them.It was heart-breaking.Growing out of these hearings, the law was changed so that…