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Revenge Porn

Revenge porn is a term used to describe sexually explicit media that is published online for the general consumption of the public.  This content is distributed without the consent of the individual pictured in the image or video.   The use of the term “revenge porn” stems from the fact that, in many cases, this sexually explicit content is posted by ex-lovers as a way to shame, humiliate, or otherwise harm the victim. In February 2015, Kevin Bollaert was convicted in the state of California for identity theft and extortion, crimes committed for the purpose of operating a revenge porn website.  Bollaert would accept nude or otherwise sexually explicit images/videos from jilted exes, post the images on his website, and then demand that the victims pay him to remove the content from the site.  Bollaert’s conviction followed shortly after Noe Ineguez’s conviction in December for posting a topless photo of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook, calling her a slut, and encouraging her employe