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End of Summer Safety

Well, they say that by the Fourth of July summer is half over and school is just around the corner, so I guess that’s how it is.  Some folks may already have their vacations in the books for this year and some may still be in the planning stages but if you are one of those who are still looking for some fun and safe things that will continue to entertain your kids for the rest of the summer, we may have some ideas.  If you have yet to head off on your family vacations to the beach or maybe to a popular amusement park, or maybe your kids are going with friends and their families, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk with your kids again about their safety when they are away from home and away from you.  Make sure they have a cell phone loaded with minutes for them to call you when they want, especially if they are going away without you.  Kids won’t admit it, but they miss us when they are away, even when they are having fun.    Also, talk to them about the basic safety “do’s and don’ts…

July 1st Brings Changes to Restraining Orders in PA

Prior to today, July 1st, the only people who could be granted restraining orders in Pennsylvania were those who qualified for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order.  One of the qualifications is that the parties must be related by blood or marriage or have had a dating or intimate relationship.  Thankfully, this has changed!  PA's legislature realized the loopholes this created for victims of crime and has passed the PSVI Act, which allows for victims of sexual violence or intimidation to receive restraining orders, Sexual Violence Protection Orders (SVPOs) or Protection from Intimidation Orders (PFIs).
Sexual Violence Protection Orders will be available to anyone who has been a victim of sexual violence but is not related to the person according to the PFA requirements.  Protection from Intimidation Orders will be available to minor children who are being harassed or stalked by an adult.  PCADV has created some great information which I encourage you to read.  If you have any quest…